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BFS Landcare Committee and Members with scout group and volunteers (National Tree Day – 27 July 2019)

BFS Landcare Inc.

We are a member of the Geelong Landcare Network which engages in large scale biodiversity plantings across the Geelong region’s rural landscapes, linking and bridging remnant grassy woodlands to areas of high conservation.

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We encourage anyone who is interested in the preservation and appreciation of the natural environment to join our Group (as an individual or family).

BFS Landcare – A Short History

Our committee consists of the following Batesford locals:

  • Edward Roydhouse
  • David Clift
    (Vice President)
  • Felicity Spear
  • Rob Percy
  • Peter Spear
    (also Geelong Landcare
    Network representative)
  • Helen Percy
  • Rob Percy
  • Catharine Clift
  • Bill Honey

“Most of us seem to be time poor, but if we all make a small contribution it can make a big difference.”

Felicity Spear - Secretary

Felicity Spear

Why not become a member?

Experience the rewards of being part of a community of volunteers who come together at various times during the year to manage and protect the natural environment in this region?

Edward ‘Woody’ Roydhouse

Edward ‘Woody’ Roydhouse, current president BFS Landcare and owner Dog Rocks Flora and Fauna Sanctuary

Currently we have 30 family memberships who are supporting us. We would love to see a few more of these members become more ‘hands on’ and learn more about and share our Landcare work and carry it on to the next generation.

Helen and Rob Percy

Helen and Rob Percy – long time members BFS Landcare

In the future we need to continue to advocate for and support the preservation of our ecosystem, the biodiversity it supports and our ‘sense of place’ which makes Batesford and the Moorabool River so special.

Bill Honey and a young tree planter

Bill Honey and a young tree planter

Become a member

By becoming a member (individual or family) you are

  • supporting the volunteer work we do to manage and protect the natural environment in this region and
  • giving us moral support to continue this important work.

We all have very busy lives but your support at any level is important to us.

Membership is $30 per year per person or family.

Catharine Clift

Catharine Clift BFS Landcare member assisting with schools program