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Honey Woodland

Honey Woodland

Honey Woodland

Farmer Bill Honey’s ‘Woodland’ just south of the Dog Rocks Flora and Fauna Sanctuary has some wonderful old remnant indigenous trees which harbour the same rich bird and animal life as the sanctuary.

With the assistance of a government grant, Bill and BFS Landcare have planted a Silver Banksia seed orchard and the beginnings of a bio-link along Dog Rocks Road.

Honey Woodland biolink

Honey Woodland bio-link infill planting
July 2020

We hope this bio-link will enable indigenous flora and fauna to travel south across country to grassy woodlands near the Barwon River. This should ensure their survival by extending their habitat and food supply.

Silver Banksia

Silver Banksia were once widespread across much of the Victorian Volcanic Plain. The very last Silver Banksia on Bill’s property recently died. Nurseryman Steve Murphy on seeing it observed: