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Tawny Frogmouths

Tawny Frogmouths

Red Gum Reserve

Red Gum Reserve follows the mostly dry bed of the historical Primrose Creek which flows towards the Moorabool River.

In 2001 Golden Plains Shire entered into an agreement with BFS Landcare to turn this small corridor into a walking track for locals and increase also the protective habitat for native flora and fauna in the area.

River Red Gums

Since 2002 there has been continued work, including fence removal, weed attack and the planting of indigenous local trees and shrubs.

The eastern arm of the Reserve is accessible from Dog Rocks and Blackall Road. It is a wonderful spot for walking and bird watching, especially in the early morning or evening.

New Holland Honeyeater

The Shire and BFS Landcare are now working on the beautiful western arm, in which there are some stunning ancient gum trees that provide nesting sites in their hollows and nectar for a rich variety of birdlife and insects.

Kangaroo Grass

Dale Smithyman, the Natural Resources Officer for Golden Plains Shire, has given our group great support by ensuring an ongoing program of weed and rabbit control and regular mowing of a walking path. He also assists with species selection providing suitable indigenous plants and preparing the site for planting.

Dale Smithyman
Environment Officer Golden Plains Shire

BFS Landcare Group will be planting in the Reserve in the winter and spring of 2020. Unfortunately Planet Ark, which manages National Tree Day at the end of July each year, has cancelled all National Tree Day activities due to Covid 19. Landcare Victoria also is obligated to follow State guidelines.

Currently no more than 10 people can participate in a group activity. We hope you will be able to join us in 2021. It’s a fun day out in the fresh air with others planting trees, watching them grow and contributing to a healthier world.

Red Gum Reserve Management Plan 2019-2029

Red Gum Reserve Management Plan 2019-2029 - cover


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