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Gang Gang Cockatoo

Gang Gang Cockatoo

Dog Rocks Flora and Fauna Sanctuary

The Dog Rocks Flora and Fauna Sanctuary and its riverside location is known especially for its rich birdlife and old growth trees. The sanctuary provides eighty hectares of habitat for many native animals and plants.

Dog Rocks Flora and Flora Sanctuary

It is privately owned by the Roydhouse family and covenanted with the conservation organisation Trust for Nature. It is not open to the public except by appointment.

BFS Landcare and the local community assist the owners with weed eradication and replacement planting.

Yellow Robin

A Trust for Nature covenant guarantees the future protection of the sanctuary and recognises that conservation on private land is of extreme importance.

Covenanted habitats provide connectivity between remnant riverside bushland, planted bio-link corridors, national parks, roadside remnants and smaller holdings essential for the survival of Australia’s flora and fauna.


Maintaining a healthy biodiverse ecosystem is vital to the health of all living things. So it makes sense to plant native species particularly suited to this region in reserves, on roadsides and in our gardens.

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